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I'm a lah-hoo-sah-hurr. [01 Mar 2005|04:45pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

~ So come with me and you will see that you and I were meant to fly ~

“Why is it that even though the Bishop says he thought there would be more knights, there were only seven release papers?”


“Yes, that.”

“Because Germanus is a lying bastard. Now watch the movie.”





“Why do you suppose Gawain volunteered Galahad to go with them?”

“Because they were having a clandestine affair and Gawain didn’t want to be parted from his one true love.”

“Really? You think?”

“No. Watch the movie.”




“...did you just say ‘Snicker’?”

“Yes. And?”

“The line wasn’t that great.”

“Oh bollocks. He’s begging for it. Look at his eyes.”

“Yes. They’re very brown. Watch. The. Movie.”




“Would you shut up and watch the movie?”






“What are you...”





“Fwat uh an alth that woowie.”


“Ohen wow eyth.”

“Wow...he’s really...quite attrac...ah...tive.”


“Oh! ...um...ah...”




“Now shut up and watch the movie.”

All in all, Ron’s first film-watching experience was a memorable event. Despite it’s terrible story line, and unlikely events, King Arthur soon became his favourite movie.

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Miggy ficathon fic [26 Dec 2004|10:37am]
[ mood | creative ]

For the miggy ficathon, from like, December 14th, because I am inept and computerless. Written for lazy_daze. 1500 or so words.

A Delicate DecisionCollapse )

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Times Like These (2/?) (PW, AD, MM, RL) [05 Sep 2004|08:15pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

It's Times Like These pt.2
(Percy, Albus, Minerva, Remus)
Warning: character death (and it's not Sirius) (well, it is, but besides that)

It's times like these that Percy knows he picked the right side.Collapse )

mais où es-tu, si loin sans même une adresse
et que deviens-tu - l'attente est ma seule caresse
et je t'aime encore, comme dans les chansons banales
et ça me dévore, et tout le reste m'est égal
de plus en plus fort, a chaque souffle, a chaque pas
et je t'aime encore, mais toi, tu ne m'entends pas...

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Drabbles [09 Aug 2004|02:25pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Need (H/D) - reposting from my_musingsCollapse )

Acquiescence (H/R) - reposting from my_musingsCollapse )

Dreams (H/D) - reposting from my_musingsCollapse )

And a new one...

Moving On (R/C)

"I'm sure that wherever you are, you'd want me to be happy. Please believe me - I still love you, and I'll never be able to offer him everything because there's a piece of me that will always be yours. But he filled the void you left when you fell..."

There is a fiery-haired young man waiting for Remus. He looks at him, asking a silent question; Remus gives him a silent answer. They walk away together, but do not touch. Tonight, though, Charlie knows they will fall into each other's arms and drown their sorrows as only lovers know how.

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Times Like These (1/?) (GW, FW, HG, NT) [04 Aug 2004|11:00am]
[ mood | clean ]

It's Times Like These, Pt. 1
(George, Fred, Hermione, Tonks)

It’s times like these that George wonders what if would be like without a twin.Collapse )

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Keep Talking (1/?) [31 Jul 2004|08:03pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

I try to write happy stuff. I really do. Honestly. It just...doesn't work.

Harry, kind of depressing, character death, mention of slash. No, Draco doesn't die.

Keep Talking Pt.1Collapse )

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Siruis/Remus (2/2) [31 Jul 2004|11:12am]
[ mood | sad for Remus ]

"When the moon is full, it belongs to us, and no one else can claim it, for it has burned itself into out very souls and etched itself onto our hearts and it will thus be, and ours forever."

Part TwoCollapse )
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Sirius/Remus (1/2) [30 Jul 2004|10:34pm]
[ mood | creative ]

The moon was almost full tonight, so I went outside in the dark and watched it for a while. It was shining on Lac Léman, and it reminded me of Sirius and Remus, so I grabbed a pen and paper and jotted this down for many_miles_away, because she's not very happy, and I thought mushy S/R might make her smile.

I have no idea where the sun sets and rises in the North Sea, nor how big it is when it rises or sets. Not cutting because I've never written S/R before.

Random, title-less S/R, kind of. 431.

What Sirius hated the most about spending twelve years in Azkaban was the loneliness he felt during the full moon. He sat in his cell and would look out the minuscule window, barred from his best friend, sentenced for a crime that he didn't commit. He could see the moon just after dusk; the way his window faced gave him a clear one-by-one-foot view of it rising over the North Sea. It would be the same colour as the daffodils in Godric's Hollow and about the size of a Galleon. It would shine a two-inch-wide path along the surface of the water that he would eventually follow to freedom. When the moon was high, he wondered for twelve years who took care of Moony when he transformed. James was dead - Prongs would never ride again. Wormtail was never any help in controlling the werewolf, and he hated thinking of Peter, of what he did, of how anyone could ever...

He longed for him. Sirius for Remus, Padfoot for Moony. He missed the challenges being friends with Remus brought, and he missed the companionship that went with it. Remus was so dependable, reliable, responsible, in essence, everything Sirius was not. In essence, Sirius's other half.

And on the nights when the moon was the colour of daffodils and it shone a path to freedom, Sirius would become Padfoot and remember how for nearly ten years, it had been he that had kept the wolf at bay, and fervently hoped that it would be that way again, someday. He would sit at the window until he heard faint howling far in the distance - how he was sure he heard the howling! - and he would howl back, a long, slow, mournful sound that told Moony, if he ever heard, everything that ever needed to be said, but had taken too long in the making. And if he listened very hard, which he always did, for he always held close to his heart the hope that someday Remus might forgive him, he could sometimes hear a voice in return.

And he was sure it wasn't an echo, because he knew Moony by heart - he knew every whimper, every groan, every howl. He had him memorized long ago, long before Peter, long before Harry, long before Lily, because it was Remus who made him feel whole. It was Remus he always wanted to be with. It was Remus who was his soulmate, and would be for always, until after Sirius fell, until after the end, and forever back into the beginning again.

ETA: I can't believe no one noticed that I called James 'Padfoot' and not 'Prongs'!

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teh first post [26 Jul 2004|11:34pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I'm going to use my first post in honor of hidden_gems' birthday drabble, which I conveniently forgot to write until about...three weeks too late. Sorry, Charlie, and here's my interesting effort at writing H/D:

Harry's Imagination

Harry never thinks of Malfoy with any feeling at all apart from loathing. He never thinks of him as Draco. He never pictures him naked and sweating in the showers after long Quidditch matches in the hot sun. He never wishes he was partnered with him instead of Neville in Potions. He never wonders whether his room is as messy as his own. He never sees if he looks at him over the tables at breakfast. He never calls out his name in the heat of passion when he is pinioned between the wall and him.

Except...for when he does.

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